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Want To Get Paid up to $75 To Complete 10 - 20 minute Online Surveys?

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Want To Get Paid $25 Per Hour Just To Preview Movie Trailers?

Would you like to get paid up to  $75 just for completing simple 10-25 minute online surveys?  Would you like to get paid up to $150 per hour to participate in focus groups (giving your opinion)?   Would you like to get paid up to $25 per hour to preview movie trailers?    If you answered yes, then we can put you to work!


We are a Marketing  Service specializing in locating individuals from around the world who are motivated to work from home and to participate in high paying survey opportunities.    We currently have nearly 200 of the worlds most elite Market Research Companies in our system.  Our members are paid for their opinions.  Our database provides the most extensive list for paid surveys, paid forums and more online.  We update regularly as more paid survey and forums become available.
Your participation in giving your opinions on different research surveys directly influences the way companies develop products, services   and policies, to better meet the needs of consumers.
Our goal is simple:   to allow Members full and unlimited access to our Members Only Area containing  our extensive  list of the world's most elite Marketing Research Companies (updated daily) who want to pay you  per survey, for simply giving your opinion
Your membership can pay for itself as you participate in these surveys!

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Get paid to take online surveys - $5 to $75 per survey!

Get paid to participate in online focus groups $50 to $150 per hour!

Get paid to preview movie trailers $4 to $25 per hour!


How Can This Help Me?

Relive the burdens of money and stress. Imagine being able to work from home whenever you want and:

* Get Paid To Take Surveys $5 - $75 each

* Get Paid To Participate In Online Focus Groups - $50 - $150 per hour
* Get Paid To Try New Products
* Get Paid To Preview Movie Trailers $4 - $25 per hour

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Get paid to work from home, work your own hours, whenever you want.

Get up to $75 just for filling out 10-25 minute  online surveys.

Get up to $150 per hour for attending and participating in 30-60 minute focus groups.

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How much can I make being a Mystery Shopper?

Mystery Shoppers are treated like independent contractors and assignments have total time allowances. You can make $10 to $40 per hour during assignments. You also need to remember the fringe benefits of this fun and exciting opportunity. You will get several things free including gas, meals, clothing,  and entertainment such as movies and several other things!


How many hours can I expect to receive?

Some shoppers work as little as a few hours a month while others work as much as 10 - 15 hours every week. Keep in mind, you can work your own hours and you may also work for as many companies as you wish. The amount of hours you will receive is based on several things such as the amount of work available in your area, the number of shoppers in your area, your past experience on Mystery Shopper assignments


Is This Available Where I Live?

This program is available to the following regions: Australia, Canada, USA, UK, Ireland, Puerto Rico, Europe, Mexico, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Guam, Philippines, France, Virgin Islands, and Jamaica!


How long will I have to complete an assignment?

It all depends on the company and the assignment. Remember, you will be working as an individual contractor therefore each assignment is unique in itself. Some assignments are wide open as far as time, while others require immediate attention. Most companies would like you to submit the job he same day it is completed


What kind of work is involved in an assignment?

First you can select a specific assignment. You will then receive a briefing on the assignment at hand. You will then complete the assignment audit either on the site or via telephone or fax. Some companies even let you submit online


How will I get paid for the work that I do?
You will be paid each month by a payroll company. You can choose the money to be directly deposited into your checking account or have the check mailed. You will be paid once per month and any reimbursements for your expenses will be included in the payment.


How will I learn to be a Mystery Shopper?
Any training that is necessary is provided by most companies for each Mystery Shopper.


How long does it take to start work?
Most shoppers can start immediately. You may have to wait if your area does not have a high volume of work. Remember, there are nearly 200 companies to apply to. This will
most likely keep you pretty busy if you wish.


Can I refuse an assignment?

Yes you can. You can choose assignments based upon your interests.


How does this compare to other survey companies?

Our price and rates are better than most other companies. View this survey comparison table to see for yourself.


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